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  Silverback Cipher  
Silverback hunters should be familiar with the “pigpen” or masonic cipher, which is a simple substitution cipher exchanging letters for symbols based on a grid.

This cipher can be used to decrypt directions and secret codewords at FBZ geocaches!

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Forbidden Zone Geocaches

OPERATION SILVERBACK is a geocaching series created by the Simian Guerrilla Task Force (SGTF) consisting of seven (7) Top Secret Geocaches (TSGs) hidden in and around San Diego in Southern California. It draws inspiration from Project A.P.E., the geocaching promotion introduced by 20th Century Fox prior to their release of the "blockbuster" Planet of the Apes remake in 2001, The X-Files and other science fiction classics.

Authentic Planet of the Apes Memorabilia (POTAM) has been stashed at some FBZs and has also been sent on Special Reconnaissance (SR) missions to various current and former Project A.P.E. cache locations around the globe.

Project APE geocoin iconSome FBZs also include printed images of prized Project A.P.E. geocoins which can be discovered and logged via their corresponding tracking numbers. GC members who enter the TNs will add instances of the ape face icon to their online profiles!

Top Operatives ChartActivity Details:

FBZ top secret briefing document (.pdf) placed in Project A.P.E. Mission 9 Tunnel of Light cache container on 13 July 09 at 13:29:34.

Operation Silverback is the code name for SGTF's self-assigned Intelligence Support Activity (ISA). We purport a link between extraterrestrials and primates and strongly adhere to the notion that aliens are planning to unleash an imminent attack against mankind using an Alternative Primate Evolution (A.P.E.).* We believe our role is to collect "intelligence" related to our assumption and present documentation to its effect.

In our TSGs we provide "top secret" reports and relevant evidence to prove our hypothesis. In addition to these materials, a codeword is hidden at each FBZ that can be deciphered using the Silverback Cipher and entered here on the codeword panel to reveal coordinates to the final FBZ mission, a remote TOP SECRET Forbidden Zone where the "truth shall be revealed!"  Operatives must gather and enter all six (6) mission codewords before they will be able to view the final mission coordinates.

Optionally, operatives are welcome to create an account on this Web site to display their progress as they visit TSGs and successfully enter corresponding Operation Silverback codewords. Points and a special command ranking are assigned to operatives' profiles for correct submissions and other relevant operation engagements.  Keep in mind that codewords can be gathered in any order so you DO NOT need to visit FBZs sequentially!

Operation Silverback: My ongoing mission

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: General mpark65

I have come down south with mike2find to take on the Apes of socal and the first in the mission was FZB 53. We arrived at the Parking cords and began our trek through the mountains until we arrived at the burial site and explored the contents of the stash box, with a lot of things to look at and info to collect we then proceeded on to the next one which is FZB 54, upon arriving we managed to make our way through the community and up the trail to the next resting place and collected all the info to proceed on the the last one for the day which was FZB 55(a). We made our way to GZ only to find that there was so much paranormal activity they had fenced of the area for further investigations. We then went through some logs to find that we needed to readjust our cords to another location where we found and gathered the info needed to proceed. Turned out to be a great day for alien hunting.

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Operation Silverback: STARTING POINT

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Brigadier General FebonioCLan

I originally came across this series of caches called Operation Silverback while searching for Mystery Caches via geocaching online. I read the description and then found the Bookmark List and made a copy that I shared with some geocachers. So MAGIC3N and I decided to make a trip down to SF when he was back in the area and that happened to be this month.

So we made a decision to head down to the Mt Soledad area to start with Operation 55a with the intent to cache our way over to Mission Gorge to get Missions 4 & 5 to get the three that were fairly close together. It was an epic day as I found over 40 caches and he was over 55 caches due to a couple of ALs that I had already completed. We managed to pick up a Virtual, Earthcache, Wherigo, mutiple puzzle caches, a dozen challenge caches but the HIGHLIGHT of the DAY were the FBZ A.P.E. caches - in fact the BEST CACHES I have found in a long time.

Last weekend I attended the Spring Fling Mega Event - there were a lot of really cool and complicated gadget caches but even those did not compare to the FBZ caches.

The first mission we completed was 55(a). After reading some logs went to the posted coordinates and after a bit of a search remembered reading about it going back to original coordinates. Added a new wp to the cache via the app and headed over to the “new” GZ.

There we found and AMAZING cache with lots of TOP Secret Evidence and lots of TBs. Read the info and found the cipher so took pictures of it and the evidence bags for future reference. Spent at least 10 -15 minutes examining all the evidence since it was the first completed mission and we felt that the more INTEL we collected the better to solve the FINAL MISSION.

Little did we know that Missions 3 & 4 exceeded our expectation after finding Mission 1. Both were super creative and the hide with all the embellishments just made it even more spectacular.

So excited to start the series and now I want to finish it quickly. Unfortunately, MAGICN3 is leaving for an extended vacation tomorrow and we have agreed to finish the series together!!! So when he is back in early Sept we will work hard to complete the remaining missions to gather the intelligence for the FINAL MiSSION.


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Simian Guerrilla Task Force

SGTF operates in support of the Intelligence Support Activity or ISA (“The Activity”) known under the code name Operation Silverback. Those who claim knowledge say SGTF’s primary objective is to conduct top secret operations in tribute to the spirit of geocaching as introduced in Project A.P.E. It is believed that the SGTF's primary Area of Responsibility (AOR) is to operate as a forward scouting and surveillance team conducting Special Reconnaissance (SR) in relation to materials acquisition including the search and recovery of Planet of the Apes Memorabilia (*POTAM) for emplacement in top secret geocaches (TSGs) named Forbidden Zones (FBZs).

Simian Guerrilla Task Force InsigniaProfile Information:

Country: United States of America
Military Branch: Special Mission Units (SMUs)
Type: Special Operation Force (SOF)
Part Of: United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
Motto: SANCTUS TELUM OF PACIS ("Holy Weapon of Peace")
Nickname: Monkey Ballz
Engagement: Operation Silverback

   Operation Silverback Prize Ring SILVERBACK Prize Rings

Those who create an account on and enter mission codewords and POTAM tracking bug numbers receive points towards an Operative ranking. Operatives who achieve the rank of General (700 points) are eligible to receive an official silver Operation Silverback trackable ring from Oakcoins. Gold rings are available for those who reach the rank of Green Beret (or higher).