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  Silverback Cipher  
Silverback hunters should be familiar with the “pigpen” or masonic cipher, which is a simple substitution cipher exchanging letters for symbols based on a grid.

This cipher can be used to decrypt directions and secret codewords at FBZ geocaches!

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Forbidden Zone Geocaches

Forbidden Zone Geocaches is a series created by the Simian Guerrilla Task Force (SGTF) consisting of seven (7) Top Secret Geocaches (TSGs) hidden in and around San Diego in Southern California. It draws inspiration from Project A.P.E., the geocaching promotion introduced by 20th Century Fox prior to their release of the "blockbuster" Planet of the Apes remake in 2001, The X-Files and other science fiction classics.

Authentic Planet of the Apes Memorabilia (POTAM) has been stashed at some FBZs and has also been sent on Special Reconnaissance (SR) missions to various current and former Project A.P.E. cache locations around the globe.

Project APE geocoin iconSome FBZs also include printed images of prized Project A.P.E. geocoins which can be discovered and logged via their corresponding tracking numbers. GC members who enter the TNs will add instances of the ape face icon to their online profiles!

Top Operatives ChartActivity Details:

FBZ top secret briefing document (.pdf) placed in Project A.P.E. Mission 9 Tunnel of Light cache container on 13 July 09 at 13:29:34.

Operation Silverback is the code name for SGTF's self-assigned Intelligence Support Activity (ISA). We purport a link between extraterrestrials and primates and strongly adhere to the notion that aliens are planning to unleash an imminent attack against mankind using an Alternative Primate Evolution (A.P.E.).* We believe our role is to collect "intelligence" related to our assumption and present documentation to its effect.

In our TSGs we provide "top secret" reports and relevant evidence to prove our hypothesis. In addition to these materials, a codeword is hidden at each FBZ that can be deciphered using the Silverback Cipher and entered here on the codeword panel to reveal coordinates to the final FBZ mission, a remote TOP SECRET Forbidden Zone where the "truth shall be revealed!"  Operatives must gather and enter all six (6) mission codewords before they will be able to view the final mission coordinates.

Optionally, operatives are welcome to create an account on this Web site to display their progress as they visit TSGs and successfully enter corresponding Operation Silverback codewords. Points and a special command ranking are assigned to operatives' profiles for correct submissions and other relevant operation engagements.  Keep in mind that codewords can be gathered in any order so you DO NOT need to visit FBZs sequentially!

Operation Silverback: TOL Mission 09: A.P.E. Cache FOUND

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: General of the Army SGTF

The historic Tunnel of Light cache in Seattle, Washington was recently found by a team of dedicated geocaching operatives! A survey (included at blog link below) has been created by to determine what to do next with the cache.

Admin's Comment:

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Operation Silverback: Intriguing CNN Story

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: General of the Army SGTF

An excellent piece of investigative journalism has been posted on reporting what we have known for years. You will see evidence highlighted from this story firsthand at FBZ A.P.E 57. This development has prompted us to add a new resource to our research database entitled "The FBI Vault" which links directly to the unexplained phenomenon section of the FBI's document repository.

Click the link below to see the video...


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Operation Silverback: Triangulation report

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Lieutenant Colonel balcanthez

Initial detection of area noted and reviewed. Proper transportation acquired and checked out from the motor pool. Maps to locations studied and verified. It was time for the mission start. Gathered operative Golden Siren for the mission and departed 0800 hours for primary site. Entry point located and extraction team inserted to correct location. Checkpoint 2 missed due to lack of proper intel and marking, but was discovered not too far into mission. Sector 1 arrival with mission container found in open. Documents reviewed only showed 4 cards (1 TB card), 1 figure, 1 empty envelope, and 3 pages of Cyrillic notations. Replaced contents after catalog, and rehid in proper fashion to obscure identity. Sector 3 located and entered at 1245 hrs with initial search of compound complete. Required coding attained and new search for final package commenced. Final location identified and opened at 1300hrs, with the following observations: Outer bag wet and soggy, inner briefcase wet and slight mold detected. Inner contents wet on outside but mission packets and documentation in great shape and dry in protective shielding. All documents viewed and photographed for proper cataloging. Final mission codeword attained and all contents returned to pre-find condition. Area extraction completed without detection.

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Operation Silverback: FBZ 51

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Lieutenant Colonel balcanthez

Completed 10/28/2011. Subsequent return to location due to Operative Golden Siren indoctrination on 3/17/2012. Transport to location uneventful and quiet due to low weekend activity and eminent storm arrival. Parked at crossroads due to proximity to location and set off utilizing approved locators for mission. Arrived at designated location with winds topping 30-40mph. Climb to hidesite treacherous and required slow travel. Upon reaching container, Golden Siren stayed in shelter of formation 5' to South as I opened and handed contents for review and annotation of documents to her. Winds were picking up steadily and reached a peak at about 50mph. All documents were returned to location and rehid as required. Return to vehicle was accompanied by sleet commencement. Retraction from area accomplished without incident.

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Operation Silverback: Final Assault

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Lieutenant Colonel balcanthez

Once all the codeword’s were obtained for the final mission, an assault plan was devised with assistance of Operative Golden Siren. The mission date was set and only generic locations of our whereabouts would be known by the unbelievers. The drop-off site was attained and descent into the abyss was achieved with little trouble. Guardians of the Forbidden Zone had taken quite a beating, with only 1 sentry still standing guard. We easily avoided capture and moved down the tunnels toward the archeological site. Searchers were above, and we heard their machinery pass as we slowly marked the trail. Additional warning signs were encountered, but since they were simian in nature, we were not deterred. Upon reaching the Government warnings that this was a POTAM Restricted area, we began our search. This took a while, with our detector identifying the correct location, but not the correct altitude. A deeper investigation revealed a curious marking which led us to the secret container. Revealing the truth was quite exhilarating, and we were overjoyed to find the contents quite intact. All materials were studied and photographed for recording of the encounter. Official photographs were encoded with the latest encryption to avoid incidental exposure to non-authorized personnel, and keep the encounter out of the media. Upon recording of the event, Golden Siren and I departed the area just as found. The secrets are hidden once again for another operative to find for additional studying and retrieval. Once we returned to the drop-off site, we noticed residents of a similar nature observing our movements. Those too were photographed for later classification.

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Operation Silverback: Mined Location Report

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Lieutenant Colonel balcanthez

Location: obtained. Trip report below submitted. Arrived at initial location with operatives Golden Siren, Monkey Grl, and 1 Muggle daughter who was previously sedated and subsequently hypnotized to remove any memory of the mission. The entry to the area was a very nice hike with no indication of the secrets that were to be discovered. The mine site was in perfect hibernation state and all indicators were not visible to the untrained eye. The secret location was found and the container verified as incident to the mission. Opened the container to find the contents in excellent order. The items were reviewed and the operative number was obtained. Upon verifying the communication devices were properly scrambled, call made to SGTF command to obtain the mission codeword. Codeword written on flash-paper, committed to memory, and destroyed in accordance with established procedures. Operatives replaced mission packet and contents after review of relevant materials. Departure of area was fairly strenuous due to continual ascent, but was completed with all agents accounted for.

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Operation Silverback: Green Day

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Lieutenant Colonel balcanthez

Area previously scouted with no clear line of entry identified. Government warning signs noted, and alternate routes of entry did not provide fruitful. Determined additional research needed. After communicating with previous operatives, a new date was set for accomplishing the mission. The new date came and, accompanied by operative Golden Siren, set out for completion of objectives. Reached previously identified parking and set out along indicated route. Passed remains of the secret AF base (currently in process of removal from existance to continue the cover-up), and encoutered a lone guard along the path. Alternate identification was provided to obscure the true details of the mission and he allowed continued access. Photograph of guard submitted for additional operative identification. Final location found and contents of mission packet reviewed, as well as the outstanding view. As operatives, we knew this to be a distraction for non-operatives to be enthralled with, and hide the container from prying eyes. All required materials reviewed and replaced as found to obscure the location. Departure from area completed with no observations of any non-POTAM approved personnel in sight.

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Operation Silverback: Fallen Hollows

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Captain oesteado

Had no intention of commencing this operation. But once this cache showed up on my radar, I knew it had to be investigated immediately. As I noticed the high security required, my interest only deepened. Obtained the required opening device and proceeded towards ground zero. Stumbled around for a short while before observing the well-hidden and well-secured find which promised to reveal so much. And yet. prepared as I was for what i was about to find, I was still taken aback at the depth of the mystery I was now surely obliged to delve into. Took ample notes and even some strategically important photographs. Should my mission fail, this evidence must be destroyed to preserve the sanity of the general (muggling) public.

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Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Green Beret BKip

REPORT 18 SEPT 2011 T:1448 (PST) FBZ A.P.E. 54 – GC1EW93 CONFIRMATION OF PREVIOUS REPORT - In area for non-related Geocache search(s). Extended trip to include (re)visit to Rock River Burial Mound. Based on original visit of 04/04/2009 noted that site has experienced major changes that would have required a massive effort by a skilled and dedicated artesian(s). Found primary cairn disassembled and container to be missing. No evidence of any of the contents found in the general vicinity. The “rock painted with secret symbols…” was found in place with symbols fully intact. Further investigation of “OPTIONAL Engagement” to the north resulted in confirmation of container and contents intact with no evidence of tampering. END REPORT

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Operation Silverback: A.P.E. 51 Stone of The Lost Valley

Operation Silverback

Operation Silverback
Report submitted by: Honorable Discharge BlondHiLites

Set out for this mission with Ragfoot on 17/March/2011. We missed our target by a few mile markers due to conversation along the way. Once we were on the correct road, the excitement stirred. I didn't care if we were lost or not as I was in awe by the landscape and thrilled with the hunt. Ragfoot landed the Retroburn and I led the way to the goods. ("We are not just soldiers, we are friends"). I climbed to the top where I discovered the prize. The winds pushed me around like a Ragdoll so Ragfoot took over to my relief. With teamwork, we managed to decipher the code word, read through “intelligence” report(s) and gather other related codes and numbers. I had a hunch where we were to go next and luckily, we made a quick find. With the winds blowing to our backs, I thought for sure we would be hunted down by our scent. We hi-tailed back to the Retroburn before they caught wind of us. Mission Accomplished

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Simian Guerrilla Task Force
SGTF operates in support of the Intelligence Support Activity or ISA (“The Activity”) known under the code name Operation Silverback. Those who claim knowledge say SGTF’s primary objective is to conduct top secret operations in tribute to the spirit of geocaching as introduced in Project A.P.E. It is believed that the SGTF's primary Area of Responsibility (AOR) is to operate as a forward scouting and surveillance team conducting Special Reconnaissance (SR) in relation to materials acquisition including the search and recovery of Planet of the Apes Memorabilia (*POTAM) for emplacement in top secret geocaches (TSGs) named Forbidden Zones (FBZs).

Simian Guerrilla Task Force InsigniaProfile Information:

Country: United States of America
Military Branch: Special Mission Units (SMUs)
Type: Special Operation Force (SOF)
Part Of: United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
Motto: SANCTUS TELUM OF PACIS ("Holy Weapon of Peace")
Nickname: Monkey Ballz
Engagement: Operation Silverback

Project APE Gold Geocoin


Congratulations to Special Operation Forces (SOF) commandos DUCK432 and CONDORMAN for their 18 July 09 FTF during the final Operation Silverback mission! They are the top FBZ operatives and winners of SGTF's prized Project A.P.E. gold geocoin!

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